How do I start a business?

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Maybe you have had a company in your home country and now want to found a new one in Germany. If you are planning to start a business here, there are things you need to consider. To start a small business, you often just need to register as self-employed ("Selbständige Tätigkeit") but establishing a larger company is more complicated. You would indeed need assistance from experts to sort out the legal structure, tax, personnel or accounting issues. Here is some information about the most critical matters you face at the beginning and where to get the support you need.

First steps as an entrepreneur

Which legal structure fits my company?

Where can I get financial support?

What types of insurance do I need?

What types of tax do I have to pay?

How does the bookkeeping work?

Can I hire employees?

Do I need to sign contracts with my employees?

How much should I pay my employees?


Companies can have different legal forms in Germany. The amount of taxes you pay and the size of capital you need depends on the legal form of your business. Please consult an expert to find the suitable legal form for your business before setting up a company.