Certified Copies

Why do I need certified copies and how can I obtain them?

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You have most probably heard the term "certified copy" ("beglaubigte Kopie") or the phrase "you need to have your documents/certificates authenticated" in Germany. In particular, when applying at university or the Civil Registry Office ("Standesamt"), you are required to submit a certified copy of your diplomas or documents. Here you can learn what a certified copy is and how you can make a certified copy of your documents.

What do I need to know?

What is a certified copy?

Where Can I have my documents certified?

Which documents are required for obtaining a certified copy?

Where can I find help and support?


Regular translators cannot provide you with a certified copy of your documents. Some of them may offer to do so, but the result will be fake and not accepted by the authorities. Make sure to go to a sworn translator if you need your documents translated and certified. You can find sworn translators, for instance, at justiz-dolmetscher.de or bdue.de.