Mobile Phone Contracts

Which type of service works best for me?

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Nowadays we are all so dependent on our cell phones that living without them seems impossible. Our phones are no longer used only to make calls and send messages- they function as our memory storage, photo archive, and in short, our connection to the world. But when it comes to choosing a service provider, keep your eyes open: the mobile communication market is quite huge in Germany- and there are numerous different providers who offer various contracts and cost ranges. On this page, you will learn about available options and find helpful tips on how to avoid high-priced bills or cancel a contract with which you are not happy.

What do I need to know?

What kind of mobile communication service suits me?

Which mobile phone network suits me?

Where and how can I buy a (prepaid) SIM card?

Where and how can I acquire a (post-paid) mobile phone contract?

How can I avoid costly mobile bills?

I have recieved a sizeable mobile bill - what can I do?

How can I cancel my mobile phone contract?

Can I keep my phone number despite changing my service provider?


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