University Application

How do I apply for a degree?

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Regardless of whether you want to stay in Germany or not, studying at a German university can open up many opportunities for your future professional life. Entering university, however, is not always easy. You have to meet some requirements and observe many deadlines and regulations. Here you can find out if and what you can study in Germany and how to apply for a degree. Furthermore, you will learn if you can continue the studies you have already started abroad in Germany.

What do I need to know?

Can I study in Germany?

Can I study any subject I choose? What does "Numerus Clausus" mean?

Do I need health insurance?

What else do I have to consider as an international student?

Where can I find a suitable university?

When and how should I apply?

My university application was rejected/ I missed the deadline - what can I do?

Can I have the certificates I have obtained abroad recognised?

I do not meet all the requirements for studying yet- what can I do?


To make sure that you find a spot in a degree programme, you should always apply to several universities. If several programmes accept you, you will have several options from which you can choose.