Obtaining a Driving Licence in Germany

How can I drive a car in Germany?

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If you are free to move whenever and wherever you want, you will feel more independent. This freedom will increase your quality of living and your chances of finding a job. If you live in a remote area without public transport, you might need a driving licence. Learn about German driving licences, the recognition process for foreign licences and how to avoid losing your licence.

Take to the road in Germany

Am I allowed to drive?

How can I register my driving licence?

How can I apply for a transfer?

What documents do I need for a transfer?

How can I get a German driving licence?

How much does a licence cost?

What is a theory test?

What is a driving test?

Can I lose my driving licence?


If Germany is your primary place of residence and you have a driving licence from another country on the “third party” list, you have to take the theory and driving test before you can transfer it to a German licence.