Recognition of foreign certificates

How can I get the degrees I have obtained abroad recognised in Germany?

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If you have already obtained a school or vocational qualification (in your homeland or elsewhere outside Germany), you can have it recognised in Germany. In the recognition process, your degree is compared with a similar German degree- when your qualification is verified as an equivalent to the corresponding German degree, your diploma is "recognised" and you will have better chances in the job market.

All people with foreign qualifications have the right to this recognition process- it does not matter what residence status or nationality you have.

The recognition process

Do I have to have my foreign degree recognised?

Where can I seek advice regarding the recognition procedure?

Where can I have my degree recognised?

How can I apply for the recognition of my qualifications?

What can I do if my degree is not (or is only partially) recognised?

How long does the recognition procedure take?

How much does the recognition procedure cost?

Where can I seek financial aid for the recognition procedure?


For regulated professions, you have to have a work permit and therefore need to apply for recognition of your qualifications. No one can work in these professions without a work permit.