Living with Disability

What rights are people with disabilities entitled to in Germany?

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Many only think of people in wheelchairs when it comes to disabilities. But mental or psychological constraints and chronic diseases are also categorised as disabilities. It does not matter if the disability is something with which the individual is born or a condition caused by an accident or illness. Here you can learn more about the rights and aid possibilities for people with disabilities in Germany. 

What do I need to know?

What is a disability?

Does the state support people with disabilities?

Where can I find counselling service and support?

Where can I find support for children with disabilities?

Who is allowed to use parking spaces and public toilets designated to individuals with disabilities?


Unfortunately, there is still no nationwide barrier-free emergency call centre for people with hearing impairments. In some cities, there are regional emergency numbers which you can also contact via SMS. Private app providers such as Handhelp, TessMeinNotruf and InstantHelp are alternative options for a voice-free emergency call.