Can I get financial support from the state during my studies?

Going to university can be a worthwhile choice for your future career; nevertheless, money is often tight when you are in the university. In Germany, a state fund has been designated under the Federal Training Assistance Act (BAföG) to help the students with the financial burden. According to the act, if you or your parents have a small income (and you are not in Germany on a student visa), under certain circumstances, you can apply for BAföG and receive an allowance from the state during your studies.

What do I need to know?

What is BAföG?

Can I obtain BAföG?

I could not complete my studies abroad. Can I study another subject (and receive BAföG)?

Where can I apply for BAföG?

How much would I monthly receive as BAföG?

How much do I have to pay back?

Can I get help from the Job Centre instead of BAföG?

Where can I seek help and support?


As a student, you are not allowed to receive any benefits from the Job Centre. If you do not tell the Job Centre that you have started to study and continue to receive benefits from them, you will have to repay the money received upon detection.