Kita: Childcare in Germany

What day care options do I have for my child?

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In Germany, most small children attend a day care centre or "Kita", where they can find new friends, play and learn outside the home and independent from their parents. You do not have to send children to a day-care centre, but doing so can help your child learn the language and many other useful things. In addition, sending your child to kindergarten will prepare him/her for attending school and provide you with the time to focus on your integration course, education, or vocational training.

What is "Kindertagesstätte" or Kita?

Who takes care of my child in a Kita?

Which Kita is best for my child?

How do I find my child a place in a Kita?

Do I have to pay for Kita?

What can I do when I cannot afford to pay for Kita?

When should I register my child for a spot in a Kita?

My child has a spot in a Kita. What's next?

My child does not have a spot in a Kita. What can I do?

Can children with disabilities attend day care centre?

What alternative child care options are out there?


It is essential that your child visits the kindergarten regularly and not every other day. If your child goes to Kita, you are required to bring your child there regularly and pay the agreed costs. If your child has a spot in Kita, but cannot attend, for instance, since you are moving houses, you need to cancel the allocated place as soon as possible.